Toxin Name ω-theraphotoxin-Hs1a
Source Species Haplopelma  schmidti
Toxin Group Theraphotoxin
Description Toxin reversibly inhibits voltage-gated calcium channels (Cav2.2) in rat dorsal root ganglion cells but not in rat vas deferens. Toxin has no effect on other Cav subtypes or voltage-gated sodium and potassium channels. Toxin causes no toxic symptoms in either vertebrates or invertebrates during a period of 48 hours post-injection, when assayed in vivo by direct injection into mice (Mus musculus) and cockroaches (Periplaneta americana).
Discovered 2005
Sex: female, Prosoma length: 20mm
Photo courtesy of Bastian Rast
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This toxin last updated on Aug 26, 2010

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