Toxin Name ω-oxotoxin-Ol1a
Source Species Oxyopes  lineatus (Lynx spider)
Toxin Group Oxotoxin
Description The primary structure of ω-oxotoxin-Ol1a is identical to that of ω-oxotoxin-Ot1a from the closely related spider Oxyopes takobius, although the latter is reported to have a non-amidated C-terminus.

ω-oxotoxin-Ol1a is insecticidal and was shown to be lethal at high dose to lepidopteran larvae, while being not toxic to mice at a dose of 31 pmol/g (=0.25 μg/g). The toxin is a weak blocker of vertebrate Cav1 and Cav2 voltage-gated calcium channels.
Discovered 2006
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This toxin last updated on Aug 25, 2010

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